Saturday, June 1, 2013

Starcraft Mega Bloks Update

Still no news for 2 years. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by this, I mean Blizzard is involved. Took them 14 years to get another game up and going, which is awesome by the way. I just got my Starcraft sweater made by Jinx in the mail, as my birthday gift. Now I cannot wait for the cold weather to happen. It just so happens that we will reach triple digit temperatures today. Figures!

But anyway, I really wanted Mega Bloks to come up with some Starcraft sets, but they are totally slacking. I thought businesses wanted lots of money?!? Perhaps they think there's no market, but I can tell you there is. If only they would produce already. So no news on this front, other than the spring 2013 banner has been changed to coming soon. And they leave it at that. Mega Bloks says they are not putting them out this year, so just like the Starcraft game itself this has become a waiting game. When will Blizzard learn that there is a market for Starcraft? Until then you can check out the site here:

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