Monday, September 24, 2012

Welcome Arvak!

So to start things off I think I'll summon ARVAK! The coolest horse in Skyrim next to Shadowmere. So to begin here's the black skeleton horse from the old castle sets.

So then I added blue eyes. I thought about painting the spines blue, but adding translucent blue to the eyes gives it a nice effect to know it's ARVAK.

So here's my summoned ARVAK! He's so cool. Yes he can die, but then you can just recast him. He does disappear if you are off for more than a minute, but at least you can have him when wandering around Skyrim. The benefit of him over Shadowmere is that he is there when you want him, not just following you or waiting at the stable area. Sometimes it's nice to have a horse on call.

So this is the kind of thing you expect to see from me on this page of my blog. Hope you enjoy!

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