Friday, May 4, 2012

Lego Friends Olivia's House

This set was huge, and a much better buy on sale- if you could wait that long. I got this set long ago, and it took two days of building because it was massive. It looks great though and I like the modular features where you can rearrange the house if you wanted. The major appeal was the kitchen and bathroom, so much fun to build and play with. Again very heavy accessories which rock! I'm very pleased with this set. I got it at full price but even that is a bargain compared to licensed sets such as Star Wars- which lost its appeal to me other than the minifig/planet sets and battle packs. So I highly recommend this set if you like modular building.

The box front:
The box back:

Living room:
 Front view:

Whole house inside including Olivia's room:
 Whole house front view minus roof:
 Whole house front view with roof and rooftop lounge:
 Front door and garden:
 Lawns and swing:
 Front view put together:

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