Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's RIDICULOUS how much I LOVE Dragons

OK I love mega bloks, but the new dragons universe rise of the predavors is awesome. It's ridiculous how much I love the dragons. It's what I always hope for as a kid. I'm buying a shelf and displaying right away. I found all but two so far, the extra go to kids or help build an army, or used in miniature war gaming applications. I just wish I knew how to read the cards- I can't even decipher it because I've never played those types of games.

They have red versus blue and there are packs of 6 coming (6 of those) and an alliance guy pack and a predavor guy pack out. I'll be getting just about every tiny dragon from this series- they are just too cute and ferocious.

Pics of the dragons to come.

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  1. Pick up a couple of these but decided these were not for me so i pass them to a friend that likes these sort of things.