Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Lego Forest Police sets out now

There are new police sets out now and in stock. Here are some of them. There is plenty out for the holiday shoppers, but the best time to get some of these sets is during BOGO events. Especially since most are at similar price points.

Police chase- got it. It was awesome. I like the gold brick, and the truck was pretty cool. The cave mining is cool, but repetitive because I got the mine from Toy Story. But it's cool if you want the whole collection or are into the police sets. Again nothing I didn't already have. The helicopter is cool, but too large for my tastes. It looks more like something the Lego president would own, not a police force. But I would think that a change or alteration is easy enough. Thinking of that, they need a Lego president for us in the USA. I know it doesn't translate to other countries, but hey, exclusive to US works for me!The getaway is a small cheap set. I will likely purchase for the bear crossing sign- that's new! And a police car of that size will work nicely in my collection.The forest police station is one I want, but the price is huge! Most other sets are $20, and I figured this would be released at $50 mark, but found out that it's at the $80 mark. That's too high for me for this set. While it does come with lots of things, such as the articulated bear, it just isn't enough for me at this time. Hopefully I can get it at a price drop. There are lots of cool things to like about this set.

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  1. That chopper really does look like Marine one from back in the '80s, before they started using Blackhawks