Monday, October 10, 2011

Look what I bought this weekend!

I'm waiting for the mail to bring me Thunder raceway from the lego racer series. I'm currently attempting to get ice rally from this wave. I will eventually get them all. I have decided I love Lego racers, not the world racers, or ferrari (although the cars are cool enough), or even the classic racers with the half a guy driving (this bugs me the same way as Knex Mario racers). I also bought another racer set- Street Extreme- more on that later on. I have the newer sets, and I'm currently retro buying because of course I didn't get into this until after it's pretty much over. I've considered buying the Cars from the Pixar line because they are supposedly racer size, but I just don't see myself going there- the facial expressions are bothersome. Hopefully more new sets will arise, but until then that money is going to buying retro sets of the racer series. I'm getting the series that came before I got into it. It includes ice rally, thunder raceway, desert challenge, and the tiny turbos from this wave are rally sprinter, track Marshall (really want!), desert viper, and thunder racer. I'll slowly make my way to getting those, but until then I'm just going to play with what I have until I get my stuff in the mail.

We're also expecting our Toywiz order that we got this weekend as well. Halo Mega Bloks stuff. As soon as it arrives I'm sure I'll tell you all about it!

Thunder raceway:
Ice Rally:I hope my stickering comes out that nice. I just can't wait to build and play with them!

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