Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lego Advent Calendar City 2011

I got this city set at Toys R Us a few weeks ago, and of course got home, opened every slot and played with all the little pieces. These are listed in the order of day from the advent calendar. I hope you enjoy this picture telling of the 24 days of Xmas! This is pretty much it for a few days. So I figure I'll post it all in one spot rather than over the course of the next week. I hate breaking stuff up. I'll do the same next week with my 2010 Kingdoms Advent Calendar.

The box:The inside and platform:Bandit with mug:Cannon:
Cop:Station 1:Tree:Presents:Table:Ice Maniac:Campsite:Station 2:Station 3:Station 4:Detective desk:Police calling it in:Car 1:Car 2:Car 3:Burglar:Safe:Orange Ski:Ski box:The dog:White Ski:Santa with sack and fireplace:


  1. Man Kelli i saw this the other day and did not realize it had that cool stuff in it! I might buy one for me and the wife this year now.

  2. Glad to hear it. It makes a great addition to our Lego collection. If only Legos of any size lasted me days. I tend to open and play with immediately. If I had any self control I'd sell Legos online, but they will always arrive at our house and be opened in a matter of minutes. So clearly this idea would never work. I guess my blog is good because it helps others decide whether or not to buy the set.