Friday, October 21, 2011

24 days of LEGO Advent Medieval Fun!

Here's a look at an older Advent Calendar. I had to retro buy this since I never saw it in stores. It's a nice addition to my Kingdom collection. I like this edition of items. It's bold and has a princess and prince, which work nicely in my set, as well as a few add on characters that always come in handy. Take a look at the pics. I really like this set and it was a good price, even for a retro purchase. It was fun to put together in the month of September, but it is still fun to play with now! =) Enjoy.
The Box:Day 1:Day 2:Day 3:Day4:Day 5:Day 6:Day 7:Day 8:Day 9:
Day 10:Day 11:Day 12:Day 13:Day 14:Day 15:Day 16:Day 17:Day 18:Day 19:Day 20:Day 21:Day 22:Day 23:Day 24:


  1. What a amazing set! Was this a online purchase?

  2. Yes. I didn't see advents like I do this year. I saw them in 2009 figured they'd be the same every year as that was the first year I saw any of them. Now I know better!

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