Monday, August 22, 2011

What I did this weekend was...

What I did this weekend was build lots of Lego sets. I built the Halo turret- got it at Walgreens- freshly stocked even though it's a few years old. I went to ToysRUs and saw the anti-air turret from the new Halo series as well as the new covenant ship. What we saw there and ended up buying was a handful of series 5 minifigs.

WE were there in line waiting because the minifigs are kept behind the counter, limited per customer, and they usually don't let you paw through them prior to buying some. The manager was working the counter when this couple came over and complained about signage for sales. They were completely rude- after the fighting and angry talking I had to jump in and state that the signs specify which particular items are for sale or which series it applies to- even though a sign is general- in this case Crayola. He was in a huff but the manager's response was hilarious! He said he didn't have to let them buy the other items they wanted after the way the couple was treating him. They huffed off into the store to hunt down more crayola items as if to prove him wrong. Meanwhile I asked if I could see the series 5- he let us look through the box- usually I'd take more item but I wanted most of the minifigs this go around so there is very little loss if we pick wrong- we enjoy spare parts! I hurried because the idiot couple came back- we checked out at the other register- I always feel bad when customers treat staff rudely- I know because I worked retail and it sucks! While we were checking out the guy took some items and ran out of the store- WOW intelligence right? stealing how low. These people were just SMRT! Well we returned to the car- after not normally buying in the random way because I usually know what is in the package- we opened up the packages because the suspense was killing me! So here's what we got that day.

We got two of the exercise chick.


  1. Fun! I like the beaver on the lumberjack's hat!

    My TRU let me paw through them, so I am able find what I want fortunately (if it's there that is!) I ggot my pre-wife the Jane fonda and my daughter Jane Goodall. Hmm, a theme? Maybe the cavewoman can be Tarzan's 'Jane' too haha (which is one i still need to find.)

  2. Behind the counter? I will have to ask and see if are has the new ones behind the counter too. The last wave has been sitting out on the pegs for a while now.