Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today's post is....

Well. I didn't blog yesterday obviously. It was my do nothing day! I didn't think, imagine, search, blog, or play with any LEGOs yesterday. I know.. it's unheard of, but there it is. But over the weekend I did go to ToysRUs and during that adventure I saw the K'Nex Mario Kart set-up and I actually came across the Boswer that I hadn't seen. It wasn't on the back of the boxes of cars when I looked at Mario or Yoshi, but it comes with the additional sets for the track. So if you wanted the Boswer you'd have to buy him in the track set. That sort of sucks!

Anyway the rest of the weekend I was poking around on-line and came across this nice set-up someone did of HALO. I do enjoy custom minifigs especially when they are this nice! Pretty good job for Halo from Legos and not what has been released from Megabloks. So I thought I'd give it some time.

If you have a suggestion for something Lego you'd like featured on my blog please leave a comment. =)


  1. We all need a do nothing day lets us recharge. : )