Monday, August 1, 2011

Today was great!

Today was just the perfect temperature to be outside. I got my chores and homework done so I decided to set up my loungy chair- so comfy- and read a book. I had my phone, book, and awesome soda- Cactus Cooler- and just enjoyed time outside. This was a nice change since I got yard work done over the weekend, so it looked nice and clean, weed free, and no garbage to look at since the last of it was thrown away this last round of pickups. It only took a few months of cleaning up but our yard produces food, looks great, and provides a nice relaxing outside environment for Me (and maybe the rest of the family too). Hopefully tomorrow is as productive and nice outside for a repeat kind of day!


  1. Odd, I remember you as having more hair.

  2. Am waiting for a perfect day here because it has been so freaking hot as of late. Am really ready for the Fall and every time i say that my wife tells me to hush lol.