Friday, August 26, 2011

So many new sets what one do I to choose?

Well, today's find I couldn't wait to share. It covers my son's interest, my interest, and my husband's interest. First my son loves construction, fire, police, emergency, and other city vehicles as well as anything on wheels or tracks in general. If it moves and it's mechanical he loves it. Second I love Legos, and best sort of Legos are cheap. Third my husband demands we keep my son dressed in clothes that fit as well as feed and such and sets budget for those things over my Legos!

Today we compromised. I found $3 Lego city t-shirts in my son's size with a mini bagged city set. So I got him the construction and fire shirts. Boy was he excited about the prospect of wearing them. He said" I have to grow bigger daddy, so I can wear the guy shirts mom got me." SUPER cute, and pleasing to me. My son will soon be sporting LEGO to school. I knew he was at least part mine. =)

The shirts were cheap but they included the bagged item, so that made it cheaper considering the sets themselves are more than $3 (Walmart). I didn't really get into the construction stuff until after my son was born and by then the city construction had come and gone. But the mini set was pretty cool. The fire one was a duplicate of one that came with another fire set- I think the truck but I'm not sure- it's just the little fire ATV. So all and all a good day. I found other nice goodies that I will blog about next week- including a clearance HP, new HALO, and more HALO. =p

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  1. So cool and your son sounds like he is just a fun and cute little guy.