Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Results... well at least an answer

Yesterday was a very long day! My husband was in the doctors but they sent him to the hospital in the next town over. He spent well over 6 or 7 hours in the hospital while they scanned, x-rayed, poked, prodded, drew blood, and made him wait. I got lucky and had to commute back and forth all day long to care for our two kids, so while I am away I worry even more because I'm not kept up to date by the minute- no signal in the hosiptal for my husband to call or text me while he's waiting to let me know. ARGGG! But the nuerologist came by in the evening and checked him out and gave us a diagonosis- she gave us the specific name- but I told my husband what it likely was the evening before. They just had to do lots and lots of tests to rule out everything else.

We still have to do an MRI, but at least it's not life threatening. He lost the strength of his left arm, and he blogs a lot as well so it'll change the way in which he lives his life but he gets to live. The pain will take weeks to dissipate, and there is a relatively good chance of the possibility of the strength returning- that's what we are hoping and praying for- but there is a 12% chance of him never regaining strength- that's the worse case, but luckily no amputation. He just needs to do physical therapy and go to the chiropractor to help speed up recovery and increase chances of recovery.

Thank you to those who read and were concerned. I will probably make notes about it in the future to his progress.

So today's picture is about what he feels like if he were a Lego minifig. Half naked yesterday at the hospital and see through (he jokes about being sterile) from the number of radiation of multiple and various tests. Enjoy!


  1. We are thinking and praying for you guys be strong and all will be ok. : )

  2. Thoughts and prayers from me too.