Friday, August 5, 2011

Halo Megabloks new waves in stores now!

Stopped by Target to get a few supplies, and of course got side tracked with new Halo in stores. Megabloks released the elephant and a smaller set containing two hunters. Reasonably priced sets. I was excited to see them, except for the fact we can't afford the sets right now. Action figures were also released. Check out counterfett's site for more info on that aspect. Couldn't find racers anymore, but was good to see HALO out.

So look for them- they have been released!

By the way: I also saw more than just the race track for K'NEX Mario. They had several additions and all the cars/ bikes. They had it built which was cool to see- even a moving fire triangle thing that hits your car if you pass it wrong- the name escapes me right now. No Bowser which is surprising- maybe that will be a later edition to the cars and such. So target was a pretty fun stop today.


  1. I saw the K'nex Mario race track too and i thought it was just awesome! Target actually had tons of new things when i was there i just wish i had money to buy all of it.

  2. Me too! The mario stuff is pretty cool- and I did see Boswer at ToysRus this last weekend.