Saturday, July 2, 2011

Starcraft Mega Bloks Sets

Starcraft Mega Blok sets coming soon. But soon isn't soon enough. I mean Starcraft Legos- enough said! All I know is I can't wait!!!!

Here is someone's pics of their starcraft sets. I hope Mega Bloks do something just as cool. Here's his page:

The sheer excitement is killing me. I want to play with them NOW. But like everyone else I'll have to wait- it better be worth it.


  1. Oh my gosh these look awesome! I'd definitely pick up "a few" of these. Ok I'd pick most of it up. Lol. Thanks fo the news!

  2. Hi, this is not the MEGA Bloks lego like sets. It is MOCs.
    There is only one prototype of MB sets is known know.
    Megabloks Starcraft Viking prototype
    All the line will be presented at Blizzcon, so we just have to wait.
    Prototype of Viking is great.

  3. Really any set is welcome. I like how the creator of the pics above show a scene. I hope Mega Bloks chooses to do more with Starcraft as I'm not a WOW fan. At this point I can only hope and be excited while waiting.