Friday, April 2, 2010

HALO UNSC troops have arrived

The Halo Marines, fire-bats, and Spartans have arrived at an undisclosed location. They have come upon an abandoned Imperial base. The Convenant have taken over this planet but have been held back by the empire's forces. Now that the UNSC have arrived all will be well with the world. They will protect all inhabitants of this planet, with the use of powerful weapons of course.

Fire-bat 1: "Anyone need a light?"

Master-chief: "Hold on to your supplies Fire-bat, and marines set a perimeter, I will begin by establishing the inventory of our supplies here, and attempt to contact our brothers."

Marine 4: "Sir, we have established a perimeter, collected and accounted for the loses that have occurred, and will begin setting a base for the night."

Master-chief: "Get to it men. Let us rest and prepare for a long battle. I have information that tells me that the Convenant have a stronghold, and we will attempt to take that first."

Firebat 2: "I guess us fire-bats, will take the first shift. Go ahead and get some rest. It is going to be a long night. Fire-bat 1, let's saddle up for an easy night fight!"

Marine 2: "Let's get a photo so that we can leave a memento of our beginning for others to admire, once we are victorious. Say cheese!"

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