Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 8: Time 19.37: Trooper KE554 log

Day 8: Time 19.37: Trooper KE554 log

Today my men ran errands and did chores. The home base was so messy that the new parts for our computer couldn't even come inside. Spring cleaning today, as per tradition at this time of the year for these humans on this planet. My master gave me instructions to clean and organize the home base so that the completion could take place. There is still much to be done.

After the mound of laundry, sinks of dishes, and chauffeuring of the young one the men decided to break for caffeine (in the form of soda), and socialize for a bit with friends. While out to dinner, my men were instructed to stop at the "store" do recon and gather information about a location of this nature. They returned with food, and necessary stock items. I was informed that no incidents occurred while out, and blending was a success. How easy these humans are fooled! Fairly soon this planet will be under the control of the Empire!

Trooper KE554 out.

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