Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 4: Time 19.37: Trooper KE554 log

Day 4: Time 19.37: Trooper KE554 log

The new guys made some new "friends" today.

ShinyGray001: Trooper SG001:

Master is so pleased! Great for the men, since today was a stressful, highly frustrating, migraine making kind of day. I have had the privaledge of being able to post today's updates (since the master has some sort of writer's block and technological issues). In the midst of war, recon, and exploring in unknown areas of this galaxy we are glad to see some of our friends, and some of the enemy that we can recognize. We will make the bunker our station on this planet, according to our leader. More to do, more to explore, more fighting in the future for us all. But for today that's it.

TrooperSG001 out.

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