Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 3: Time 18.09: Trooper KE554 log

Day 3: Time 18.09: Trooper KE554 log

Today the human's observe a strange ritual known as St. Patrick's Day. The humans on this planet seem to want gold as much as we desire it, but use it in a totally different way, the way of trade. We gathered information about such ritual observations and went in search of the illusive leprechauns and their pot of gold. I figured that if we captured such as creature I could enslave it, torture it, or demand that the creature give up his gold for the empire. However, none could be found.

To my surprise, me and my men did come across another strange observation of these humans. Upon, rounding a bend we saw that the humans cultivated food, plants, trees, and unknown other items. They shred the land, deplete their resources, and kill off native creatures for entertainment, sustenance, or boredom. Frankly, I am not sure how long these humans can sustain their way of life living like they do. I have seen much of this behavior throughout the galaxy, but none to this extent. I have taken the liberty of documenting such events so that my master an make better use of this planet when he arrives. These humans will not be here long, or if they are there will be far fewer; seems to me as if they don't know how to sustain themselves without depleting all resources to be found here. If they can properly cultivate their food then there my be hope for these humans after-all. I will have to put in a tracker at my location in order to better monitor this human's progress.

No luck found in Irish, I did the scan myself, no leprechauns to be found, weird rituals observed all day, and found a human attempting sustainability. All and all a very interesting day.

Trooper KE554 out.

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