Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 16: Time 16.59: Trooper KE554 log

Day 16: Time 16.59: Trooper KE554 log

New enemies taking over. Had to combat the hunter with our blasters!

Failing to hit in the vulnerable spot. Had to call for backup, he was close, was holding him back with a dew-back. Shocking helped to keep him at bay, but even more backup was needed.

Fett: " He will NOT get by me!" We were in shock when that hunter beast finally was able to be killed. Took quite a bit of firepower, but Fett got the job done. You can always trust a Mandalore to get the job done!

(Photos were edited by James Halstead after he took the pictures!)

Trooper KE554 alive and out.

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