Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 13: Time 11.13: Trooper KE554 log

Day 13: Time 11.13: Trooper KE554 log

Trooper Officer KE007-

Was held captive on a strange and rhyming world of Seuss. More singing than speaking and everything in rhythm and in harmony! I however was able to blend quite seamlessly into the environment once I escaped. It only took me 3 hours to break free.

In a world of red and white,
I escaped. That's right,
I blended in and ran free,
And I am quite OK as you can see!

The world has had a hold on me, I can't stop rhyming and talking in a funny way, so my superior has opted to put me in solitary for a few more hours, in case this condition is contagious. I was happy that my brother's saved me from that place, but I also enjoyed the adventure. I was glad to be away from the battles of the everyday, but to stay there I would have surely lost my mind! I did manage to acquire an item from my captors to analyze so that we may know how to enslave them later when we conquer this galaxy. Time though to get back to relaxing and detoxing from that adventure so that I may return to duty.

Trooper Officer KE007 out.

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